Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster CHC and Leapcraft

Mapping the healthcare data landscape in Denmark

August 2015

In the summer of 2015, Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster requested Leapcraft to explore and analyse the Danish healthcare data landscape to present an indepth overview that would be relevant for future market strategies drawing on Leapcraft's experiences on working with big data solutions for the Danish market.

The result is this report which maps the agencies and institutions delivering healthcare in Denmark. It cites potential use case scenarios and the way forward to realise these and a possible road map to use this data combined with other rich socio-economic data collected in Denmark for welfare projects and private sector projects.

The report Covers:

The report aims to understand the known sources of healthcare data in Denmark and see how this data is connected and can be corelated to each other and other social data to make it meaningful to more stakeholders in the healthcare sector, the healthcare industry of diagnostics, medical devices, private healthcare and insurance and ofcourse, to citizens themselves. It also outlines the legislative and ethical guidelines around usage of healthdata in Denmark through scenarios of use to highlight challenges in information exchange at intra- and inter-sectoral levels.

Map of datasources plotted on the human body

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